Un testimonio sobre Carlos Vasco


Hoy recibí un grato correo de una académica griega sobre nuestro querido Carlos Vasco. Me pareció pertinente compartirlo en esta entrada:

Dear Angel Ruiz,

My name is Joanna Mamona Downs, a Mathematics educator from Greece.  (My work through the years is on the Didactics of Analysis and Problem solving at University level).

At the moment, (being emerita…) I try to recap some of my work for a book perhaps. In this process, I recollect research papers that made really an impact on me; one of them was “Learning elementary school mathematics as a culturally conditioned process” by Carlos Vasco.  

I had met Carlos Vasco at the LRDC –University of Pittsburgh- at early nineties and later at 2008 ICMI at Monterrey Mexico.  I was very honoured to ‘notice’ me and talking a bit with Carlos about my research interests at the beginning of my career. I was deeply impressed by his knowledge depth and humanitarian stance. 

A couple of days ago reading again his article that I referred above I felt the need to communicate with him.  Trying to find his mail address I saw your note about “Carlos Vasco 1937-2022”.  I felt really sad not to have the opportunity to say a Thanks for what he taught us; I do not know how his passing away had escaped 

my attention.  

I just thought to communicate it with you and other colleagues in the region of Americas that you were lucky enough to know him well.

Carlos was a beacon for me.

All the best for 2023!

Joanna Mamona-Downs.

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